Project Description

Le Creuset
90 Years Anniversary

For 90 years, Le Creuset has been a pioneer of top quality kitchen equipment. To celebrate the jubilee, Le Creuset chose PS Communication to take charge of a cross-media jubilee campaign in Scandinavia.

It is 90 years since the first enamelled cast iron casserole emerged from the Le Creuset foundry in France, back in 1925. This was the beginning of a long life in the service of good flavours. So to celebrate the pleasure of well-flavoured food, the original casserole from 1925 was reproduced in a limited edition in Le Creuset’s original orange colour, Volcanic. The flame-coloured casserole symbolises the red-hot molten iron used in production, and reflects the proud tradition of skilled craftsmanship. It also symbolises the inner glow that characterises Le Creuset, demonstrating that we will always do our utmost for anyone who appreciates fine flavours. Today, Le Creuset products are sold throughout the world, and families gather every day for good meals cooked in them.

On a worldwide basis only 1925 jubilee casseroles were made to mark the occasion, so they will become collectors’ items for those who admire Le Creuset and the company’s unique history. The jubilee casserole served as the call to action for the campaign. Social media, printed and online material and publicity all led to a local campaign website in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where there was a contest and more information about Le Creuset’s jubilee.

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