Project Description

Passionate People Create
Exceptional Things

Swedish industrial giant Atlas Copco is a world leader within compressors, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Its 45,000 employees deliver sustainable solutions for increased customer productivity through innovative products and services.

In order to convey the company’s innovative DNA, and let all employees embody the company’s value proposition, PS delivered a strategy and a range of services to move the company from a business-to-business perspective to one of human-to-human.

Under the headline “Passionate People Create Exceptional Things” we transformed the Atlas Copco spirit into a short story about two kids growing up in different continents, sharing a passion for innovation and a devotion to always find better ways and solutions. Finally their paths cross at the Atlas Copco office where they meet professionally to solve a business challenge.

The video was translated into eight languages and launched globally at the company’s YouTube channel. To maximise the impact of the video, a special version was created for the new video gallery widescreen format at the Atlas Copco headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Moreover, the reception was transformed into a welcoming, brand-communicating meeting place for visitors and employees. And in order to ensure that the visitors were greeted by the physical products of the company, as soon as they entered the building, we even created an exhibition area with down-to-earth descriptions where the philosophy and mechanism behind the company’s products and services were explained.

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