Project Description

The art of nominating a hard white goods brand as champion bread bakers

Gorenje make hard white goods and are known for their free-standing ovens, but not everyone is aware that their built-in ovens are among the best in the world. We were therefore commissioned to set up a branding campaign in Scandinavia and Lithuania to increase Gorenje’s market share for these ovens. But how do you arouse interest in a low-involvement product like an oven?

Extensive product studies showed that the ovens have exceptional baking qualities. Because of their unique design and ability to distribute heat, they function like traditional stone ovens. With a supplementary thorough market analysis we found a specific target group with a common interest in food and baking.

This led to the concept of “Best for Bread” (Bedst til brød), with engaging content for a campaign about the noble art of bread baking. The campaign was rolled out on various platforms, in magazines, online banners, social media, blogs and YouTube, all of which led to a campaign website dedicated to bread culture and baking.

In a branding film we also made it clear to everyone that family quality time means baking bread, and naturally, bread is baked in an oven from Gorenje. At the same time, the film introduced a contest, “Bake my Day”, in which followers on Gorenje’s social channels were asked to name their best baking colleague, and even the best baking workplace in Scandinavia – all with the intention of generating interesting content and building up a strong fellowship among Scandinavian bread enthusiasts.

The response to the campaign was overwhelming, culminating with more than 24,000 followers on Facebook, and an organic outreach to more than 898,000 present and potential customers in five countries. More importantly, however, the intent to buy generated by the campaign was 14% higher than the average in the hard white goods sector.

Traffic to Gorenje’s website increased by several hundred per cent in all countries, and the branding film was seen by more than 1,187,000 viewers across the digital channels.

So now Gorenje – and the population of Scandinavia – have truly become “Best at Bread”!

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