Project Description

Employer Branding Wall

Our branding department has solved a number of employer branding assignments for Danish and international companies. Recently, we have developed a new and different solution for Nykredit, which does away with the endless forests of roll-ups, flyers, and job postings that characterise a conservative recruitment world.

In addition to formulating the bank’s employer value proposition (EVP) and creating a new ad universe, we created an interactive digital wall that aims to attract the brightest minds from selected IT universities across the country.

To promote the Nykredit message that applicants must be able to see the big picture while being driven by solving complex tasks, the digital wall consisted of 12 spaces that were to be combined and formed into an image in less than 3 minutes. If you succeeded you were asked to leave your email so that you could be invited for a cup of coffee and a pre-interview at Nykredit.

The employer branding campaign more than doubled the number of applicants, but more importantly, the quality of the applicants improved significantly in line with Nykredit’s desire to implicitly communicate that it is a young, challenging and innovative company with a strong IT department that is always in motion.

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