Project Description

A lifestyle brand paying tribute
to Scandinavia

A campaign for ASKO, the exclusive white goods brand, in the Nordic countries celebrated the natural beauty of Scandinavia and the ability to turn it into intelligent design solutions.

As a contrast to a conservative white goods sector, we set up a branding campaign called #inspiredbyscandinavia. Instead of the usual focus on the product that is normal in the sector, the products are toned down, directing focus instead on the Scandinavian countryside as the inspiration for ASKO’s product design.

The campaign was rolled out in a variety of home and lifestyle magazines (digitally and in print) in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, with advertisements praising the natural beauty of Scandinavia, and with subtle references in the headlines to aspects of nature that are also recognisable in the exclusive quality, properties and design of the products.

An essential element in the campaign was an Instagram contest, with invitation in the advertisements to find a camera and document all Scandinavia’s beautiful but hidden areas of natural beauty. People were invited to put a photo on Instagram at #inspiredbyscandinavia with the ASKO tag, thereby entering the contest to have a picture and their name in ASKO’s next campaign. A winner was chosen from each country by a jury of professional Scandinavian photographers. Meanwhile, the hashtag, which is still open, became viral in a few weeks, and there were more than 8,000 participants during the contest period.

An unusual campaign and an unstoppable hashtag started off a new era for ASKO with the values, philosophy and inspiration of the brand as its commercial centre of interest.

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