Tasks are something you create – problems is something we solve!

As a strategic partner, we do not only solve assignments but problems. A part of the solutions can be analysis, strategy, campaign planning or concept development – but we see this as part of the challenge and means to solve the problems involved. To help our clients in all the different exercises our team is made up of specialists within every field. It is our company span that makes us able to help you in all aspects of marketing.

If you are interested to hear more or have any question at all – do not hesitate to contact us now.Either by phone for the more adventurous, or e-mail for the bashful, we should talk.

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We are looking forward to meeting you.

Jakob is the director and founder of PS Communication. He carries the overall responsibility for running and developing the office and for working with new clients and business areas. He is an economics graduate from the Copenhagen Business School and co-founder of several companies, among them Verdensballetten (World Ballet), emagcreator.com, SurfTown.com and Chili Group A/S.
PSsst! Jakob’s wife is a doctor, and she keeps him fit if he can’t find his own way to the golf course.

Agency Director and Senior Advisor

mobile  +45 20 94 95 95
mail  jn@ps-com.dk
skype  ps-jakobnielsen

Mikkel is in charge of creative and strategic profiling at PS. He also works as a concept developer and copywriter for many of our customers. He has an MA in comparative literature and philosophy, and has previously worked as a musician, editor and strategic consultant for agencies and in his own firm.
PSsst! Mikkel wrote his thesis on stones in literature. He has three small daughters, and a rock band in his cellar.

Creative Director and Copywriter

mobile  +45 22 17 61 21
mail  ml@ps-com.dk
skype ps-mikkellange

Rasmus is responsible for the agency's digital team, and advises our clients about media strategy, positioning and digital possibilities. He takes pride in measuring performance and quantifying market positions. Rasmus has an MA in marketing and economics from the Copenhagen Business School under his belt, and also studied e-business at the London School of Economics.
PSsst! Rasmus is a master-builder in Lego and likes to eat four spice buns with sliced sausage for breakfast.


Digital Strategy Manager

mobile  +45 28 91 74 41
mail  rd@ps-com.dk
skype rasmusbdamkjaer

You can ask Niklas when you need some magic. Whether it is powerful concept development for 3D set design, motion graphics, UX design or something you have barely even heard of, Niklas has the tools. He has worked with countless big companies, for whom he has created fascinating universes, powerful concepts and enchanting animations. Niklas is an architect and MAA, a graduate of the Copenhagen School of Interior Design.
PSsst! Niklas loves to tell you about games, any games: consoles, indie games or board games, and he often incorporates gamification in his concepts.

Senior Digital Art Director

mobile  +45 26 25 58 30
mail  nh@ps-com.dk
skype ps-niklashook

Camilla is the agency’s graphic designer with a flair for style, who checks the consistency in style and expression. She leads a number of graphical design projects and shares responsibility for PS' visual profile. Camilla has a BA in visual communications.
PSsst! Camilla grew up on a farm, and like the Swineherd in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, she likes beautiful things.

Graphic Designer

mobile  +45 53 29 63 71
mail  cdh@ps-com.dk
skype camillladh

Lasse works on concept development and ensures that messages are put across clearly and precisely. He follows through from idea to concept and graphical layout, across different media and channels. Lasse is a graphic designer, and during the last 15 years he has worked on just about every imaginable kind of product and customer group in B2B and B2C. PSsst! Lasse still has his sewing certificate from school, and can put up the hems of his trousers himself – preferably with a glass of red wine within reach.
PSsst! Lasse still has his sewing certificate from school, and can put up the hems of his trousers himself – preferably with a glass of red wine within reach.

Senior Art Director

mobile  +45 20 68 47 70
mail  lh@ps-com.dk
skype ps-lassehansen

Casper står for at projektlede interne ressourcer og sikre kvalitetsleverancer til bureauets mange forskellige typer kunder. Her sørger han for at få kundernes visioner realiseret, hvad enten det er i det digitale univers eller i den virkelige verden. Casper er uddannet Serviceøkonom og har tidligere arbejdet som freelance produktionsleder.
PSSST! Casper elsker at fiske og har taget Dansk Sejlunions udvidede duelighedsbevis.


Project Manager

mobile  +45 53 58 58 36
mail  cc@ps-com.dk

Sara sees that projects run as they should. She coordinates with the creative employees and serves as a sounding board for ideas. That way, Sarah can guarantee that the results delivered are always the best quality with exciting solutions. Sarah has an MSc in Management of Creative Business Processes from the Copenhagen Business School.
PSsst! Sarah loves watching the Luxury Trap on television, and every week she bakes buns for us at the office as a penance for not keeping her appointment with the PS running club.

Campaign Project Manager

mobile  + 45 30 24 74 38
mail  sa@ps-com.dk

Mark ensures that project managers at PS meet clients' needs through listening, commitment, and challenging them in just the right way. Mark also carries out assignments for clients together with the other specialists and creative talents at PS Communication. He is a marketing economist.
PSsst! Mark goes riding and is fond of chocolate bars (the big ones).

Senior Project Manager

mobile  +45 42 41 40 20
mail  mf@ps-com.dk
skype  ps-markflintager

As a creative project manager, Mai concentrates on design and on converting clients' messages and content into physical installations. She trained as a design technologist and previously ran her own design business, centred on product development, graphical design and interior and furniture design.
PSsst! Mai used to run a gallery in Copenhagen that sold art, vinyl records and books.

Experience Designer and Project Manager

mobile  + 45 22 78 78 35
mail  maa@ps-com.dk

Digital Coordinator

mobile  +45 23 49 04 84
mail ee@ps-com.dk

Digital Coordinator

mobile +45 28 73 42 70
mail ak@ps-com.dk