Terms & Conditions 2018 – PS Communication Denmark

  • All prices and budgets are ex. VAT.
  • Budgets and invoicing are settled in Euro or Danish Kroner.
  • All budgets are estimates and may change should the customer have additional wishes for the development, work, activation, execution or if the amount of work changes in relation to originally agreed.
  • All budgets contain one review for the customer. Beyond that cost is added according to the agency’s standard hourly rates.
  • Project assignments are billed 50% of the contract amount at commissioning and the remaining 50% upon completion of work. Tasks by the hour are invoiced at the end of a month. All invoices have 30 days payment terms
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to provide input to text, movies, ads, images, movies and illustrations to be used in the finished product.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to proof read the delivered products before published, printed or otherwise used by the customer.
  • Delivery is done at the time agreed with the customer, subject to delays or obstacles due to the fact that the customer has not delivered their part at the agreed time, cf. the above.
  • Concepts, images, texts, visuals, movies and all other elements produced and developed by PS Communication ApS Denmark are copyrighted under Danish law, meaning both digital and analog copying of text, images, sound and graphics are prohibited unless otherwise agreed with PS Communication ApS Denmark.
  • The customer acquires the right to use the finished product in the following countries (Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway) once everything is fully paid by the customer. However, the Customer may not disclose the Product to third parties without a prior written agreement with PS Communication ApS Denmark to disclose the right of use to third parties.
  • If the customer wish to acquire the right to use the product in addition to the agreement, for example in countries other than the Nordic countries, this may be achieved by a separate agreement with PS Communication ApS Denmark, entitled to a negotiated remuneration for the transmission of the product to third parties and / or others countries than those listed above.
  • In case of delayed delivery from the customer or exceeded deadlines, PS Communication ApS Denmark is entitled to an extension of the delivery time and a full compensation for lost resource hours on the project. The customer will be notified of this at least 24 hours before the agreed delivery date and daily thereafter.Standard hourly rates for 2018 are:
Type Standard rates ex. VAT
Travel Time 600 kr.
Project Coordination 950 kr.
Media management / coordination 1.150 kr.
Project management 1.500 kr.
Strategy / Idea / Analysis 1.500 kr.
Art Direction/Creatives 1.500 kr.


PS Communication ApS, Denmark

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