We are ps. communication.

We are an award-winning Nordic brand activation agency with a strong Nordic culture and an international reach. The main thing that defines us, is our ambitious and supportive team, our openminded approach to each other as colleagues and our mentality of always working as external colleagues with all our clients.


Founded in 1997, we have more than 20 years of experience with brand activations across the Nordics. Since Jakob started the company, we have been guided by a mentality that we call hostmanship and it has been a big part of defining our culture.
A Nordic agency with international reach 
Born and raised as a Nordic agency, the Nordic culture and its differences is a part of our DNA. And with partner offices in Sweden, Norway and Finland, we have a strong reach across the Nordics.
It is the shared Nordic culture and joined understanding that have made our clients choose us for representing them in the Nordics as well as globally. And as a George P. Johnson partner agency, our international network reaches even further.

Your external colleagues
As individuals, we are supportive. As a team ambitious. And when we step into a project, we do so as your external colleagues. Using our problem-solving skills and project management powers to steer you safely through complex projects.
Ambitious creators that work cross platforms
We do not limit our work or creativity to functioning on a single platform, but aim to connect the dots between brand and consumers by bridging platforms in creative ways. 

Together with our clients, we continue to raise the bar for brand activations and over the years, that have resulted in some of the most critically renowned signature projects.

Curious on what we do?
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