Brands you remember.

Working within communication and branding as Brand Activation specialists, we’re here to support you in strategically strengthening your brand. To build lasting relationships with your receivers, we create experiences that move people, challenge their perception or make them change their behavior.


Brand activation is a strategic tool that helps build brands and strengthen the bond between brand and receiver. It’s the glue between many communication and marketing disciplines and what makes your brand come alive, helping you connect with your receivers at a deeper level. So, an important tool to manage and apply with effect.

To create value for you, we use our skills within this field to create brand moments that matter. Experiences worth remembering, sharing and that create a connection.

At project level, it’s all about creating impactful experiences that move people, challenge their perception or make them change their behavior. From more than 20 years of experience, we have reached a set of principles that guide this work:

We put brand first
We work across platforms and communication methods
We deliver creative courage
We activate senses and feelings to get an emotional impact
We create signature projects for brand activation

That’s how we build brands you remember.



Since 2012, we’ve been working strategically with implementing sustainability as a part of our projects. Before that, we regarded a lot of our measures as reducing waste and creating reusable assets as common sense. Over time, sustainability has become increasingly important (for obvious reasons) and today, it should be a natural part of how a brand acts. 

The same goes for us, which is why sustainability has become a corner stone in our values and our way of working. Sustainability is an important parameter for transformation and competitiveness for our clients – and we are ready to guide you in making more responsible choices when activating your brand. We develop continuously; adding more knowledge, tools and hands on experience that enable us to support you in managing and tracking your sustainability measures. 

Let’s raise our ambitions together and work towards a better future.

Reach out, if you have any questions. Or get in touch with your primary ps. contact. We’ll connect you with our sustainability task force and onboard them to your project.