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Ørsted Day. 

A year after Ørsted launched their new name, identity and vision, the corporation was facing challenges in activating the new brand towards the employees, making them feel ownership and pride towards the new, green future of the company.

We created a green concept, bringing the new brand platform (Love your home) and visual identity to live: A full day for employees and their families set in nature, focusing on the new, green vision and making its effect on our planet tangible through a series of experiences, talks and activations.

More than 3.000 employees took part in the two events held simultaneously in Denmark. And to improve the feeling of being one company, all 17 offices around the world had a similar event on the same day – adjusted to their location and number of participants. Thus, thousands of Ørsted employees were brought together at Ørsted Day – all over the world.

"The concept for Ørsted Day was a way of bringing the new identity and strategy to life. Making it something you could touch, taste, see and listen to."

Mai Aabenhuus, Design Director, ps. communication.


The Ørsted 'Ø' created by employees celebrating Ørsted Day all over the world.


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