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Inspired by Scandinavia.

How do you make your brand stand out in the conservative white goods sector? And create awareness and engagement around something as mundane as a fridge? By celebrating the natural and unspoiled beauty of the Nordics, we created an unusual branding campaign for ASKO – the exclusive, Scandinavian white goods brand – that in just a few weeks went viral across the Nordics.
Instead of the usual product focus, we directed the link between product and brand, focusing on the Scandinavian nature as the inspiration for ASKO’s product design, properties and quality.

The campaign #inspiredbyscandinavia was rolled out in home and lifestyle magazines (digitally and in print) in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and in a competition on Instagram, where people were encouraged to share their own pictures using the hashtag #inspiredbyscandinavia. The branding platform got its own landing page at asko.com, we created an online magazine that was also activated in following branding campaigns and to ensure a physical touchpoint, POS materials was created for in-store branding.  

With more than 8,000 participants and a reach of 3.4 million views, sales were increased by 7% in the Nordics and a market share of 10% was increased in the first half of the year.


Wining images from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden


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