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By using effects from the tabloid press and crime series, we helped the Danish Ministry of Environment  inform the public about uncertified scrapyards and create a behavior change, without pointing fingers.
With a massive campaign, displayed on outdoor banners, in print media and on digital platforms, we led the audience to a short, but significant video on the website (translates to 'scrap ignorance now').
In the video, we meet a Danish car owner who gets an unexpected visit from the police after having delivered his car to an uncertified scrapyard – though unknowingly. The point was not to criminalize the man, but to demonstrate that one cannot necessarily see with the naked eye, if a given scrapyard has secrets.

With more than 500.000 views on YouTube, the campaign generated PR-value for more than 15 times its budget – but most importantly,
25% more cars were delivered at
authorized scrapyards.


"With a campaign playing on well-known effects from tabloid press and the crime genre, we pushed the boundaries of the traditional, public campaign."

 Jakob Sick Nielsen, CEO, ps. communication

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