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When Tech Sparks

In the spring of 2020, webinar fatigue was already a thing. But when digital is the only option how do you then communicate with your clients about products and possibilities? In close partnership with IBM, we have created a digital show named ‘When Tech Sparks’ to overcome that challenge. 

Our concept is coherent with a well-designed format that allow IBM employees to deliver key insights on trending tech topics. The content is delivered with an entertaining twist and episodes are short and to the point. Especially one premise played an important part in the concept development; figuring out how to do a production series from home – letting no-one meet physically – and still maintain a consistent high quality. Having solved that, we needed a digital universe for the show. We build a platform where all episodes could be hosted, added supporting materials for the viewers who were eager to learn more and enabled a functionality that allowed our audience to start a dialogue with the IBM representative.

To make people aware of the new show, we created a comprehensive social media campaign and created unique content for each episode and speaker, enabling them to share with their own network. In 2020, we succeeded with the production and launch of six episodes and the show is continuing in 2021.

In every episode, the show host invites two experts to talk about a specific tech topic. The show format is kept tight with short episodes of 20 minutes and a strict storyline, keeping everything to the point and providing the audience with key insights and an expert POV. 


The visual identity includes graphics, framework, sound, show ident and several animations.
The tonality and mood of the show is light, fresh, playful and humorous, which is clear in the choice of colors, the 3D universe and the sound layer.


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