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A slow campaign 

In the fall of 2021, IBM Partner Ecosystem wanted to do something out of the ordinary for current and potential partners. The Ecosystem is all about building strong partnerships. Here IBM together with partners develop innovative technologies and find solutions to customer challenges. Based on the strategic focus of the Ecosystem, we created a concept with a personalized approach, evolving around a topic that is rather atypical for a tech-company: slowing down.
We initiated a collaboration with Carl Honoré, founder of the Slow Movement, and built an informative and transformational experience for Ecosystem partners and IBM’ers to embark on together. The activities were launched with a digital event named Slow down, Grow fast, where the positive benefits of being able to slow down and shift gears were introduced. The slow theme was linked to the Ecosystem focus of forging great partnerships, that are built on trust – something that also takes time, requires attention and presence in the moment.

The slow philosophy is – simply put – that to speed up, you need to slow down, and learning the art of shifting gear is key to enhance your productivity, level of presence and unleashing creativity.

To allow attendees to build their journey towards slow, we launched a 30-day bootcamp following the event. Through digital live sessions, weekly follow ups and a workbook created for the bootcamp by Carl Honoré, we guided attendees on how to slow down in a fast forward world. In an online community we created on LinkedIn, people could share concerns, questions, and experiences with each other – bringing the people in the Ecosystem closer to each other.

"In a world addicted to speed, slowness is a superpower. "

 Carl Honoré, founder of the Slow Movement. 


The 30 days to Slow bootcamp - LinkedIn Drive to Carrousel post.


An episode of the IBM Partner Ecosystem Nordic Talks podcast was created around the topic of Slow the promote the campaign activities towards the current and potential Ecosystem partners and IBM’ers. 

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