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Watson Summit Denmark. 

When IBM held their yearly flagship event in 2017, it was with one clear mission: To show that their newly launched AI-platform Watson was for everyone. For that reason, the annual flagship event was named Watson Summit that year.

By establishing an experimental partnership between Watson and the Danish choir ‘Korage’, we created a musical tale about the use of AI and made that the content of our drive to campaign. Korage consists of eight renowned soloists, including Pernille Rosendal, Sharin Foo and Karen Mukupa amongst others. Based on data analysis of the lyrics and melodies of the eight soloists, Watson produced a new musical piece for the group.

Prior to the event, you could follow the eight soloists throughout the artistic – and artificial – process via the choir members' and IBM’s social platforms. And at the opening of the event, the choir performed the Watson composed music piece live for the audience.

The original collaboration received great attention and broad coverage in the Danish media. And at the event, it was an effective eye-opener, widedening the participants' idea of the use of AI and introducing the themes of the conference.

The campaign attracted a wide range of different participant profiles, making Watson Summit Denmark not only diverse, but also the most successful event measured on number of participants and their satisfaction with the event. 


The choir performed the musical result at Watson Summit Denmark 2017 in the DR Concert Hall. Subsequently, IBM Denmark's Kim Escherich and Korage members Sharin Foo and Louise Alenius gave this interview, which provides a good insight into the meeting between art and artificial intelligence.


We also established a unique collaboration between Mikkeller and Watson. As Watson gathered insights and analyzed data on the Danish IBM’ers beer preferences, Mikkeller turned the Watson output into a recipe, from which they brewed the Watson x Mikkeller IPA.


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