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Maersk Line – a part of the Danish Maersk Group, founded in the early 1900s – is the world’s largest container shipping company with offices and workplaces spanning the globe. However, a century after their founding the company was facing the fact, that they had become less and less relevant to the general public in spite of a long history as a major player in the Danish labor market.
Based on that insight, Maersk Line wanted to create a campaign that would bring the company back closer to the Danes. As 20 new Triple-E-class ships, the largest containership in the world at the time, were being delivered to Maersk in 2013, we identified it as a unique possibility to invite the public to experience a modern, open version of the company.
It was arranged, that one of the ships should be inaugurated and named in Copenhagen. This gave us a unique opportunity to tell a story that had never been told before – the story of the container and its significance for the globalization of our world.
With a large, interactive experience arena and exhibition on 12.000m2 on Langelinie pier, we
led the public to have a glimpse of life on board as well as experience the magnificent, advanced technology that makes the Maersk Line ships the world's most energy efficient.
Through experiences, ranging from playful engagements to eye-opening insights, we told some of the stories around Maersk that usually stays unknown to the public. 


On the opening day of the exhibition, the Danish Crown Princess named the ship – Maersk Majestic
– at a large press and VIP event. Following that, the exhibition was open to the public for a week. Furthermore, the exhibition travelled to 14 ports all over the world on the ships maiden voyage.

The official opening of the Maersk Line Triple EEE exhibition and naming ceremony. 


Besides the physical exhibition, a massive, comprehensive campaign was carried out in various online and offline media, including TV commercials, outdoor posters, online banners, app and PR. 


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