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Think Summit Copenhagen 2019.

Think is IBM’s flagship event, held in 23 different countries. In Denmark, more than 1200 people gather for a one-day event, to get inspired by the latest technologies and solutions by IBM.  

This year the main focus of the event was to engage new audiences in the technology of tomorrow – making them aware of IBM’s countless opportunities and services, and how IBM can help them with their business and digital transformation. Thus, it was key to drive new attendees to the event and during Think Summit Copenhagen 2019, emotionally engage them in the presented content. 

To catch the attention of our audience, we created a campaign, focusing on a very relevant topic: climate changes and the future of technology, and used that to create a red thread from campaign to event experience. As a part of this we partnered up with Backscatter – an anthropological data analyzing company – to do an analysis of the online debate on climate and technology. Additionally, we asked the Danish entertainer Thomas Skov to do a vox pop with Danes he met on the street, asking about their expectations to technology. Attendees at the Think event were also asked to share their thoughts on how technology can help solve the climate crisis. 

This information, gathered prior to the event, was used directly in the design of the event and activated in the closing session, held by Thomas Skov. And to sum it all up, a full report with the findings were shared with all attendees afterwards.

Images from IBM Think Summit Copenhagen 2019.


At K.B. Hallen, we designed an experience journey that included headset participation (like the ones used for a silent disco) at the different sessions and an IBM Experience Center.


Do the public see tech as a part of the solution for future climate issues?

To learn more about the role of tech in the climate debate, we teamed up with the databased analysists from Backscatter. Using algorithms, digital language analysis and IBM Watson Visual Recognition they analyzed 220.000 online posts and articles. The results were presented at Think – directly to the people who play a role in shaping the future of technology.

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