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The Peoples plane.

Every year The People’s Meeting is held at Bornholm to celebrate the Danish democracy. However, in the recent years it has become a party for the political élite – and not the democratic festival for the people, it was intended to be.  

We initiated a collaboration between SAS and The People’s Meeting to bring back the ordinary people – and to show that SAS really is The People’s Plane.
By taking a plane out of its scheduled route and filling it with a microcosmos of the Danish population – all found through a Facebook campaign targeted different population groups – we ensured that all Danes were represented to the important tribute of free thought. 

Visits to the SAS website, Scandinavian Traveler, went up by 200% during the campaign. The average time spent on the campaign website was more than three minutes. The Facebook campaign reached 535,040 people.

On board the plane, we literally gave the democracy wings, by facilitating debates and conversations and asking all passengers to write down their thoughts on democracy and fold them into paper planes, which were handed to the President and CEO of SAS.




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