ps. communication and Universal Futurist have joined forces to drive positive change for businesses through strategy, design, and future sense. Dream big with us - and be the change the world needs.

No more stress & BS!

We invite businesses to participate in our collaboration, and together, we will create sustainable, innovative solutions for your business. By uniting our skills and expertise within brand activation, experience design, and future research, we want to challenge the way collaboration happens:

ps. communication
 is an award-winning Nordic brand activation agency with over 15 years of experience in creating impactful moments that matter.
Universal Futurist has worked with futurism since 2000, and founders 
Anne Skare and Henrik Hovgaard have developed their own method for 
future training, helping companies strengthen their future sense. 

Together, we will teach you and your company to awaken your future sense. We want to help you lead the way in the fight for more sustainable and innovative experiences –  that leave a lasting impression and make a difference.

We are calling upon you and your business to join us in an efficient, visionary, and future-oriented process with an end result that brings real value to your brand, your target audience, and the planet. Standing on the threshold of a new reality post-COVID-19, this is the time to transform.

We will offer an efficient and structured process that enables creativity and project development in a brand new format.

Specifically within: 

  • Brand activations 
  • Digital & physical events
  • Campaigns & communication

Let's get together!

First, you do this:
You share the project and challenge that you wish for us to help you with by answering 5 simple questions in the box to your left.

Then we do this:
If your challenge is accepted, we will meet for a 1-hour meeting. Here we will collect all the necessary ingredients from you to create the right solution.

And then we do this:
We will present the concept to you in an online meeting. If you like it, you pay for it – if you don't, we move on.

Let's talk

Want to hear more? - or meet in the digital universe over a cup of coffee and a chat.

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