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IBM Ecosystem Nordic Talks

After a year with Covid-19 and Zoom fatigue kicking in, we saw an opportunity to introduce a podcast format as a new communications channel between IBM and their Ecosystem Partners in the Nordic countries. The objective was to create a new platform for knowledge sharing, enablement, and inspiration to help each other think far, go further, and grow faster.
In the Nordic countries, sustainability and business with purpose are continuous trending topics and important drivers for businesses in 2021.
To create an overall narrative for the podcast, we wanted to tap into this trend by highlighting the values of a Real-life Ecosystem and how the IBM Ecosystem is based on those same values: That it brings together multiple players of different types and sizes to create, scale, and serve markets in ways beyond any single organization’s capacity. With that seed planted, the podcast series IBM Partner Ecosystem Nordic Talks grew to be.
The Real-Life Ecosystem was used as a metaphor throughout the narrative of the podcast. Through it, we added a Nordic layer that activates the senses and connects the content of the podcast to the overall meaning of the IBM Ecosystem and its purpose: To help businesses grow.

With more than 53.000 views, 731 Likes and 668 Comments on LinkedIn, the Social Media campaign generated more value than originally estimated due to the focus on collaboration and activation of the target group – but most importantly, due to an increased focus on sustainability. 


The podcast concept was activated with a “Growth Kit Challenge” which was a hybrid campaign designed for IBM’s Nordic partners.

The partners received a wooden plant pot with soil, a sunflower seed, and a reusable water bottle, to highlight how the real-life ecosystem mirrors the IBM ecosystem – giving them the challenge to grow with IBM. Through the hashtag #IBMECOGROW, the partners were encouraged to share photos of their growing plant on social media, along with the three elements they felt are most important to grow a business with IBM.

Images from the IBM Ecosystem #ibmecogrwo challenge


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