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A world class experience. 

When former opera singer and tenor, Jens-Christian Wandt, contacted us with his idea for a new open air ballet and opera show outside a 14th century church in Skagen, we were immediately drawn by his honorable vision: To present world famous dancers and artists for a broader Danish audience in a unique setting and in a city where performances with artists at this level is a rare experience.
However, we knew that open air ballet could be a risky affair. Even a small breeze can affect the dancer’s performance and the audience’s experience.
With the unpredictable Danish weather as an unavoidable companion, we therefore needed to plan carefully, think ahead and be prepared for the unexpected. And with these factors in mind, we ensured that Verdensballetten in Skagen became a massive audience success. 

"It was the first time we attended, and we were practically blown away. It was an experience without equal and beyond all

Audience at Verdensballetten


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